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Casein - (kazeinogen) - is a phosphoprotein in the molecule and a phosphorus phosphoric acid is associated with amino acids to form an ester with a serine, threonine, etc. Premium anabolic steroids for sale available for you. In addition, casein milk is associated with calcium and form said active casein -. Fosfatkaltsievy complex. Casein in milk is in the form of calcium salt, calcium caseinate called. During deposition bunchin skisanii curdling milk or calcium caseinate is reacted with lactic acid, calcium lactate decomposes into casein and which falls in the form of sludge (calcium lactate substantial part remains in the liquid portion, in serum).

The combination of calcium and phosphorus in a single protein complex is highly favorable. Everybody who wants to find steroids online can do it here! For the absorption of calcium and phosphorus is needed, on the contrary, for the assimilation of calcium phosphorus is needed. The optimum ratio of these two essential trace elements occurs in a proportion of 1: 1.3 (calcium / phosphorus). Without such a relation can not be normal to build a dermal tissue, teeth, joint and ligament apparatus, and so on. D.

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Lactalbumin contains in its molecule a substantial amount of sulfur. It has more than casein essential amino acids. On physical and chemical properties similar to lactalbumin bovine serum albumin. Tryptophan content having anabolic action lactalbumin to 4 times greater than other milk proteins. Lactalbumin also has a high content of lysine and fennlalanina.

Lactoglobulin in biological properties is a substance having antibiotic properties (gamma globulin and others. Everybody can visit out website and order steroids online! Kinds globulins). It refers to the fraction of whey protein, which includes antibodies. The protein content of milk serum lactoglobulin is about 10%. The amount of colostrum it is several times higher at 20%. That's why the power of newborn colostrum necessary for normal functioning of the immune system.

Milk fat refers to fats, most in their food chain and biological properties. It is able to milk in

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an emulsion with a very high degree of dispersion. The amount of lipid in 100 g of cow's milk 3.6 In general, these triglycerides (3.5g). There is also a small amount of phospholipids (0.03 g) and cholesterol (0.01 g). Letsitinobelkovy complex has the ability to stabilize dairy fat emulsions. The fatty acid composition of milk fat consists of low molecular weight acids, characterized by high biological activity. Premium anabolic steroids for sale available for you. Succesful search for anabolic steroids for sale ends here. These acids are represented only in the milk fat and partly in palm oils, other fats do not. The number of such acids in milk fat is 8%. The greatest amount of lecithin (phospholipids) are concentrated in the phospholipid-protein membrane of fat globules. Milk contains 0.03% phospholipids. Of greatest importance are cholesterol sterols milk (0.01%) and ergosterol, which is under the influence of irradiation with ultraviolet rays of milk, oddly enough, can be converted into vitamin D 2 (ergocalciferol).

Carbohydrates of milk are mainly represented by lactose (milk sugar). Nowhere, except for milk, a carbohydrate that is no longer contained. I must say that not all people have the presence of enzymes that break down lactose. Such enzymes (lactase) at different ages have all the children, and they have to digest milk properly. 40% of adult lactase is absent, and the unsplit lactose cause flatulence and as a result of fermentation, laxative effect. Good assortment of steroids online is not the only reason to buy it. For this reason, not all adults normally carry milk. Those who can not tolerate milk, it can replace it with yogurt or other fermented milk drinks. It is noted that milk intolerance accompanied usually normal or reduced secretion of gastric juice. People with increased secretion (increased acidity) milk is well tolerated.

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